Quantum Living

Quantum Living is a transformative 21-day process designed to help individuals reframe triggering experiences and gain a deeper connection with their true, authentic selves. By incorporating mindfulness practices, Quantum Living encourages people to explore different perspectives when dealing with triggering situations.

The process begins with creating a Q card and a shadow card. The Q card represents the qualities that reflect the best version of oneself, such as love, kindness, and generosity. On the other hand, the shadow card encompasses qualities that hinder personal growth, such as fear, anger, and depression. The shadow card serves as a reminder of unconscious thought patterns that can influence behavior. However, it also emphasizes that individuals are not defined by their shadows; they are “who they have come here to be.”

The 21-day process consists of three phases, each spanning seven days. Each day, participants fill out a worksheet focusing on a triggering moment. Phase one centers on outwardly directed responses to triggers, phase two addresses inwardly directed responses (self-criticism, self-judgment), and phase three explores the origin of these patterns by tracing feelings back to childhood experiences.

The worksheets guide participants through a series of steps:

  • Becoming aware of their feelings about a triggering moment.
  • Exploring their earliest memory of experiencing similar feelings.
  • Practicing self-compassion for the fear or belief acquired in childhood and setting an intention to release it.
  • Creating a new story by imagining a more positive experience where their needs were met.
  • Envisioning their life in the future with this new perspective and messages.
  • Reimagining their present-day triggers from the standpoint of their Q qualities.
  • Taking action to experience the “felt sense” of acting from their Q qualities.

This process can be very helpful for identifying limiting beliefs. It can offer profound insights into one’s belief system and help separate one’s emerging sense of self from the influences of unmet childhood needs. By shifting from their previous selves to embracing who they truly are, individuals can experience remarkable life changes.

Furthermore, Quantum Living effectively addresses negative self-talk, as it helps individuals recognize that this critical voice is not their own but rather originates from unkind caregivers, siblings, or teachers, which they internalized over time. Through shadow work and Quantum Living, individuals can distance themselves from this negative internal dialogue and cultivate a more compassionate and empowering relationship with themselves.

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