Ian possesses a beautiful grasp and deep understanding of the Science of Mind and Spirit principles and practices, of which prayer is the bedrock. A prayerful session with Ian is tantamount to sitting with a wisdom master. He is mindful, tender, receptive and open to uncovering and honoring your deepest desire. As you sit together in honest dialogue and exploration, his loving guidance and astute application of affirmative prayer skillfully leads you towards manifesting your very best life. Discover the power of affirmative prayer! -Frannie U.


Ian is thoughtful, kind, and lives in principle. He is a life-
long learner and operates with integrity. I recommend him highly. – Rev. Staci H.


Before Ian introduced me to these practices, I had massive anxiety and would often be in a negative thinking loop. I grew up in a tense environment with a lot of generational trauma and I believed my thinking patterns were set in stone. During sessions with Ian, little by little, we would talk about the Science of Mind and Spiritual Principles. He took me through Quantum Living, which helped me shift my mindset even more, giving me another tool to process difficult past experiences and set me up to not get stuck in difficult future moments the way I had in the past. Finally, we would end our conversations with Spiritual Mind Treatments. Now I know how to create my own treatments! Ian is the only person I know who dives deep into becoming his highest self and always keeps learning. He is the calmest, kindest, most centered individual that I know. – Verunka V.

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