Life mirrors our beliefs and feelings. Imagine how your day could change if you began with the positive affirmation, “Today is full of opportunities.” Compare this to starting the day with the thought, “It’s just another day of the same old struggles.” The affirmations we choose and believe in can uplift or bring us down.

What Are Affirmations? Affirmations aren’t just feel-good quotes. When spoken with conviction, they are potent declarations that can direct our thoughts and bridge the gap between our current selves and our desired future. Think of them as seeds; with care and repetition, they transform into our reality.

Why Do Affirmations Work? The science of ‘neuroplasticity’ shows that our brains are adaptable. Research has demonstrated that experiences can shape the brain, and affirmations can guide this reshaping process.

Tips for Effective Affirmations:

  1. Stay Positive and Present: Opt for “I am confident” over “I will be confident.”
  2. Be Specific: “I am vibrant and full of energy” is preferable to “I am healthy.”
  3. Emotionally Charge Them: The deeper the feeling, the more influential the affirmation.
  4. Believe and Repeat: Make genuine commitments and revisit them often.

Pitfalls to Avoid: Always use positive framing. For instance, you could use “I am filled with inner peace” instead of “I am not anxious.”

Sample Affirmations:

  • Health: “I am radiantly healthy in body, mind, and spirit.”
  • Love: “I love and accept myself completely, just as I am.”
  • Prosperity: “I align with the universe’s abundance, and it supports my goals.”
  • Peace: “Inner peace is my sanctuary, and I carry it wherever I go.”
  • Success: “Every step I take leads me toward my vision of success.”

Incorporating affirmations into your daily routine can be transformative. Trust the process, stay consistent, and believe in your power to manifest positivity.

Morning Routine

Ensuring a good day starts with how we begin it. The way we start our day sets the tone for the experiences ahead. In the past, I used to hit snooze on my alarm clock over and over, leaving me with little time to get ready for work. On weekends or days off, I’d sleep as late as possible and then turn on the television. Neither of these approaches paved the way for a good day.

Fortunately, over time, I’ve established an incredibly beneficial morning routine. Here’s what I do:

  • I start my day with meditation, which can vary in form – from Transcendental Meditation to simply closing my eyes and focusing on my breath or sometimes chanting. I dedicate around 20 minutes to this practice.
  • Next, I journal. I jot down a few pages in a notebook, expressing my thoughts on various topics or preparing myself mentally for the day. Journaling helps me clear my mind and gain focus.
  • After journaling, I do affirmations. These affirmations can be written down, spoken aloud, or even recited while looking into a mirror. They change from day to day, but recently, I’ve been affirming things like “I am enough for all situations,” “I am supplied and supported,” and “I am open and receptive to all good.”
  • I then list five things I am grateful for and why. It could be big things like my loved ones, home, and friends, or smaller things like the morning tea I drink or good weather. Most importantly, I focus on the reasons why I am grateful. This connects me with the feeling of gratitude, which is the key to manifestation.
  • Finally, I do an affirmative prayer or spiritual mind treatment. This powerful process shifts my consciousness and aligns my thoughts with the good that already surrounds me.

Only after completing this routine do I check my email, browse the news, or begin to go about my day. Doing so ensures that I approach my activities from a centered, loving, and spiritually connected place.

If a morning routine like this feels overwhelming to you, you can begin small. For instance, you can start with just five minutes of meditation and gradually extend it or add journaling. The key is to make it feel good and manageable. 

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